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Technology and the virtual marketplace have changed today’s publishing industry so that authors, both traditionally and independently published, hold greater accountability for the business-end of their careers, such as product development, design, distribution and marketing. The more time spent on these activities, however, the less time authors have to write. Finding the right author assistant can solve this dilemma. 

Written by a professional, full-time author assistant who has worked with more than 50 writers across multiple genres, this guide provides authors with practical, experience-based tips and tools for finding, hiring and keeping an excellent assistant. Content covered in this handbook includes:

  • Explanation of what an author assistant is and does
  • Overview of the types of services offered by author assistants
  • Benefits of hiring an author assistant
  • How to locate and screen an author assistant
  • Author and assistant expectations and responsibilities
  • How to negotiate and establish a successful working relationship
  • Tools and resources to enhance the author/assistant relationship
  • Candid advice from authors and assistants

Only two duties cannot be delegated by an author to an assistant: writing and reader engagement. Finding the right assistant to help with tasks that can be delegated is one of the smartest business strategies today’s authors can utilize. Learn how to Do Less in order to Write More by finding, hiring and keeping an excellent author assistant.



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Maria Connor presents internationally on a variety of publishing topics, including how to work with an author assistant, marketing and promotion. If your group, organization or event is seeking high-energy speakers who offer practical, hands-on tips, consider Maria Connor.

Do Less. Write More.: The Author's Guide to Finding, Hiring and Keeping an Excellent Author Assistant